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Breathe In, Breathe Out


Mita Wellness is Multi Award Winning not for profit organization we believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and free of judgement. These feelings inform and guide our core teachings and practices at Mita Meditation, as we focus on helping individuals better connect to themselves and their surroundings. We offer a variety of services, including wellness sessions, workshops, yoga & mediations and we have special session for kids and woman, our sessions are effective and result oriented. Over 125 people join these sessions every week. Book online to get your free sessions.

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Absolutely free of cost for community uplifting

A Tower of Stones


This popular class is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. All of the classes at mita meditation attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind.

Yoga at Home


Mita Kriya is the process and tool created to activate your energy chakras, it is developed with the help of proven meditation techniques from over 2500 years, these kriyas will bring permanent transformation in your life so that you can enjoy every moment of it.

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Focus on the present moment. Among its many benefits, this class helps improve numerous aspects of your life including reaction time and short term memory. Those who have tried this practice have described feeling more relaxed and less distracted by their fleeting thoughts, demonstrating an enhanced ability to solve problems and recall information better.

Yoga at Home


This particular class helps build a strong core from which one can transition into new positions and exercises. This flow centers around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a wide range of levels from beginner to advanced. With this class, you will learn and practice the tools needed to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, while also remaining mindful in every act you perform.

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Reduce Stress. Meditation has been clinically shown to reduce both physical and emotional stress, which is extremely prevalent in today's fast-paced society. If you're looking for a good way of “winding down” and feeling more calm and relaxed in your day-to-day life, then dynamic meditation might be right for you.

A Tower of Stones


In just a generation or two, things have changed so much that our attention spans can’t keep up. Between social media and technological gadgets, kids – and adults – are constantly surfing the internet, interacting via social media and playing video games indoors instead of reading a book, taking a walk or playing sports. Children who grow up with their noses in their devices often find it difficult to focus and remain attentive. Meditation teaches them that it’s possible to direct their attention at one thing at a time, and that it actually feels great not to be distracted.

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"Our bodies and Minds are our instruments, to the which our inner self should be driver"