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Surya Namaskār (Sun Salutations) challenge

  • 10Weeks
  • 140Steps


Dont miss your Daily steps With all centres starting next week with 10 weeks Mind, Body & Spirit program. This is 10 Weeks 108 Sun Salutation challenge to keep us fit in this challenging time and at the end of 10 weeks we come out more stronger mentally and Physically. We will start with 10 and then keep adding 1 every day, Day2 10+1, Day3 10+2, Day 4 10+3....... you can add more if you feel you can add. List and winner & Prizes will be announced on 10th Week. Please Note :- Do consult with your doctor if you have any concerns before taking part in any activity we do and do only as per your comfort level. we encourage to take part in it but do not force it in anyway. Terms & Conditions All persons signing up for any program of Mita Wellness & Meditation understand and agree to the terms and conditions and give consent to the following: I give consent that my registration may be withdrawn without giving me notice or explanation, I also understand all services offered as a part of community service and I will not claim anything from these classes apart from what is offered. All fees are non refundable and taken as part of registration & enrolment. ​I understand nothing is compulsory and I shall take part in activities as per my fitness & comfort level. Mita Wellness & Meditation will not be responsible in the event of any injury (physical or mental) from these sessions.

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