About Us

Mita Wellness Centre Inc offers 360 Degree solution to wellbeing of people who comes from all walks of life. It’s a non profit initiative dedicated to people coming and to their wellbeing.


Vision-  to spread basic awareness to people about the healing power they have inside them and how to tap into those powers so that they can become self-reliable in the event of any challenge life throws at them.


Also to reach out to every individual who is battling with any issues in life including but not limited to anxiety, anger, depression, substance abuse and provide all the services on donation basis. We have helped many people to come out of mental disorder and helped lot of kids to build good life, also helped people to fight addictions.


We are happy to introduce our community work, This program is run by our founder Mita who is an Author of Wine and Devine , Winner of Best Community Person of the year Award for 2018-19 by UIA and many other awards, Mita is helping people from last 8 years in India and Australia, his aim is to build largest wellbeing centre which will promote individual wellbeing to everyone and that too free of cost.




We have being helping people in and around Sydney form 2018, over 10000 people have taken benefits of our services, Which includes various yoga, meditations, kriyas and human engineering programs for adults and kids.


We have special programs for kids to transform them into great human beings and high achievers in life, we have also started Free fitness classes for Ladies who we think ignores health for family.


All our programs are on donations and open to people from all religion and background, Every WEEK over 250 people take benefits from our programs which are run on Saturday and Sunday at Westmead.

Mita Wellness Centre Inc   also provide personal guidance for any physical, mental or spiritual healing. Centre is not affiliated to any organization, religion or does not encourage followership, it is a non-religious and the core principle of Mita is to speared the importance of meditation, yoga and help every individual to learn the simple practical tools to align mind, body and energy for getting best out of this life..

We welcome you to join the movement and be the part of self discovery, we can assure to that this will be the best investment of time you would do in your entire life.


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