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Terms & Conditions 

All persons signing up for any program of Mita Wellness & Meditation understand and agree to the terms and conditions and give consent to the following: 

I give consent that my registration may be withdrawn without giving me notice or explanation, I also understand all services offered  as a part of community service and I will not claim anything from these classes apart from what is offered. All fees are 100% refundable if you cancel or don't like our program and taken as part of registration & enrolment. 

I understand nothing is compulsory and I shall take part in activities as per my fitness & comfort level.


Mita Wellness & Meditation will not be responsible in the event of any injury (physical or mental) from these sessions.

I confirm that I have read, or been made aware of, the classes policies as above and advised verbal periodically.

I give my consent to photography, videography, texting and use of it on social media and other marketing purposes of Mita Wellness & Meditation.

I give my consent to record live videos during sessions including, but not limited to, facebook, instagram and youtube.

I confirm that I will not be entitled to any claim about services or polices provided by Mita Wellness & Meditation and am participating freely at my own discretion and take responsibility for my actions.

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