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Yoga & Meditation Programs

We bring 30 years of experience in Yoga and Meditations from Ancient land and that too in its original form 'Yoga' a union of Mind, Body and Energy. 



Mita Meditation & Wellness redefines the meaning of an apt and strong team. We offer an outstanding fitness resort and corporate wellness programs to create a secured environment. With the approach of yoga, our staff is dedicated to ensure self-satisfaction. We treat our customers in Australia, with excellent amenities to ensure that your company and the associates can enjoy complete relaxation, fitness and recreation. We believe that key ingredients are hidden beyond utmost healthy, motivation, engagement and bliss in the workplace.


Seminars: We believe that knowledge is power. We offer a variety of seminars so that your team can be equipped with complete fitness and nutrition to create a better state of mind and body.

On-site classes
Our on-site classes are based to establish utmost motivation in you. If this done, half the battle is done. Therefore, set your body in complete motion with classes offered by us. Our classes include boot camp, yoga, meditation and more.

Group Training
We learn better when the knowledge is acquired in groups. You can also work as a team and motivate each within to boost the work performance. Even if you are out of the working environment the custom group training offered by our experts can write your success story.

Team Building
It is a common fact that energy breeds synergy. We always welcome employees that come together through fields like fitness, sports and other activities. 

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