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 Online Yoga & Meditation

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

This is specially crafted online sessions to delivers insights into your own being. 

In sessions you will:
Immersed in all aspects of yoga will calm your mind and spirit and prepare you to lead your  healthy lifestyle. There will be an emphasis on breath-based teaching, and you can expect to leave with an understanding of meditation, pranayama, and the chakras. The course covers Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga with Emotional Rebalancing  techniques..

Emotional Rebalancing

Emotions play an extremely strong role in one’s life. However, we live in a society where we constantly have to suppress our emotions, which creates emotional blocks. What if something went wrong in the past can’t let us fulfill our quest for knowledge and inner mental wellness? We teach various techniques on “How to Clear Emotional Blocks”. The students firstly experience it first hand and once you learn how to do it on yourself first, you’ll be able to guide your friends, helping them ease stress, anxieties, and the traumas. There is going to be some guided practice to understand the huge relationship between emotional accumulation in the body with thought patterns. With these techniques when combining with yoga practice, you will really stand out in guiding your life on the path of true happiness.

Yoga Nidra and Relaxation Techniques

Yoga Nidra is a useful guided yogic practice for deep relaxation, emotional situations management, and stress relief. It is also called “Yogic Sleep” that helps one “to get in and look internally” in order to find the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. You pay close attention to the various parts of the body as you relax. The perception of the various parts is orchestrated by the yoga teacher with the will to create a shiny quiet and a state of deep relaxation. It resolves nervousness, irritability, treats colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and useful against menstrual disorders, dizziness, and hypertension.

Yogic Breathing Techniques

Breathing properly is key to a successful yoga practice. Practicing without the right breath, you will never be able to extract its true potential. As we know, moving with the breath is what can lead a yogi to internal massage, which helps to heal the organs and release tensions. Plus, several yogic breathing techniques are fundamental to deepening your spiritual practice. We will teach you these techniques and how to add them to your movement to gain a deeper experience.

What our students  are saying ?


Getting your Mind, body and energy together....
Mitaji has been absolutely fantastic and he has helped me to overcome barrier between physical and mental barriers awakening the dormant energy within.
Your mind is like a MAZE lost in thoughts... You will be AMAZED to see the results if you get all the three entities together......
I highly recommend Mita wellness to everyone! - Vijay Bhaskar

I started my journey with Mita Wellness around 2 year back and have been continuing to enhance my inner being by attending the well planned sessions since then. MitaJi provides life transforming sessions in a simple way leading to all round development of your body, mind and energy. Would recommend not to miss the opportunity to enjoy the difference. - Pavan Puri

It is definitely a life transformation course. After joining Mita, I have control on my anger. When my mind wanders , I’m most of the times conscious enough to know and get it back to concentrate on what I’m doing at the present moment. I’m able to practice the art to ‘Let Go’. I’m looking at life from a different perspective. Thanks Mitaji . - Lavanya Lingampalli

Mitaji’s every session is very much tailored to fulfill each individual’s need. Be it physical, mental, psychological or emotional. Like each machine has it’s mechanism to manage its control and function well. So is human mind which controls every being although Mitaji’s session will train you to be your in-charge and monitor& manage your own physical, mental and spiritual well being.! - Sushma Maglani

Your class  nourished me in the most amazing ways. It's HEALING. I really loved the meditation that you did at the end  of class... and found it so AMAZINGLY helpful..Your presence and the way you hold the space for everyone is amazing and inspiring. It was a joy to witness. - Sushil

One can find everything that can help to live life with broader way.. I really feel good with the kriya and meditation and feel good after my first session. Looking forward to keep doing this on regular basis.. - Krishna Upadhyay

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